Tara Marie Freel

Owner/ Registered Massage Therapist

Tara graduated from the Algonquin College Massage Therapy program in 2014, and is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the CMTO and member of the RMTAO.

 Tara is a competitive horseback rider and over the last number of years has focused on the discipline of Dressage; which, she shows at the national level.  With this brings the love of helping athletes, particularly Equestrians, improve in their chosen sport by helping them achieve proper posture through massage therapy.

Tara's focus is on helping people to decrease pain by bettering one’s posture, overall health, and daily well-being through a proper client centered care massage.

She has a deep passion for pre and post-natal massage, and women’s health, but enjoys working with everyone!

Tara has taken continuing education courses in, pre and post-natal massage, infant and child massage, pediatric cranial disorders, myofascial release and most recently cupping and kinesiology taping.

Sophie Bray


Registered Massage Therapist

Sophie is a bilingual practitioner who graduated from the Elegance College Massage Therapy program in 2019, and is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the CMTO and member of the RMTAO.


She is very excited to establish a career by pursuing her dream to become a Massage therapist. Her desire to make a difference in peoples lives means the world to her. 

Sophie is accomplished and qualified to treat all age groups by using a wide range of techniques. She takes great joy in working with patients to successfully improve their quality of life.


She offers massage therapy sessions that treat the body as a whole, while focusing on particular areas of tension or injury. Sophie provides a comprehensive, client focused, safe and effective treatment that is specific to each individual. 

She believes that relaxation is the key to help the body effectively heal and be restored to its optimal health.


In order to provide long term resolution, the root cause of the patients particular problem is identified while addressing symptoms for immediate relief. She strongly believes that massage therapy is a very effective method for rehabilitation, posture improvement and mostly by helping people achieve greater understanding of their body.


Sophie plans to expand her skill set through continuing education.